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Thread: [B#74] Misc game fixes

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    [B#74] Misc game fixes

    - Fixed Resists

    - Moved pimps in Pepper Park 1 a bit so they stop running into each other
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    resis seem to be still buggy. tested with a friend on my ppu. friend used a lasercannon. my ppu has 0 resist energy so we tested the dmg without any resists then with armor(183 energy), then no armor but with shield then with both. at first everything was fine. no resist 76 dmg, with armor around 10-15 dmg, shield 24 dmg, both around 8 dmg. but after i relogged armor didn t do anything anymore. then i tested just the skill resist energy with a heat 3 buff and it didn t do anything either. after we used gr to an op the resist energy from the heat 3 worked and i got 60 dmg. and my armor worked again. so armor and the reist skill seem to work or not work randomly and shield have always worked yet but don t know if they also might not work randomly.

    i went on my ppu to the mc5 and get one shot by a y sergant 105/105 with shield and armor. just don t know if it s because the resist are buggy or if the mobs do too much dmg or maybe true dmg or whatever. btw dmg log doesn t work in ncc right?
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