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Thread: 1-11-2019 A status update?!

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    1-11-2019 A status update?!

    Hello all! If you aren't following the Facebook, this is what you just missed...

    Hey Runners! Long time no talk right? Lets get down to business..

    We are not stalled. I know there have been some concerns about this project being dead but I can assure you we are far from dead. Currently online in our developer chat server are 8 team members, 3 of which are dedicated source developers, 3 dedicated content developers, Lykos who is the jack of all trades master of none, a dedicated modeling guy and our balance expert who is just waiting to get to work.

    We have been hard at work on our back end (Giggity) and have two big projects nearing completion. The details of these big projects are a bit under wraps. I can say one is a whole new patching method. The other is not netcode, but the netcode has been explained by a post from Therenall in a reddit thread..

    "We are also working on re-writing the networking layer. However this is a fairly large project, and requires some fairly specialized knowledge. To be clear, the current networking layer (again I can't speak for the NST specifically) sucks. We have random network related bugs that are just hard to track down because of how they designed it. It's just hard to diagnose. After the networking layer is finished and replace, which it is getting closer, we plan on starting to server-side as much of the game as we can. With the new netcode being easier to diagnose, more and more flexible to change, these problems will become easier to solve."

    We have also decided to start streaming some of our development to show people just what goes into working on Neocron content! You can follow the stream here ->

    I will be setting up the channel with a schedule of when I'll be on showing different things about NC Development, and just what goes into creating and modifying the worlds you all know and love.

    It has been a long road, but we have not stalled! We are still moving forward to the best of our abilities and strive to bring you all the best Neocron experience possible!

    Thank you, and have a productive day Runners.
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